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It appears I like fusion cuisine. Last weekend Pauline came into town. She’s the first of the DC crew to come. Ironically, it made being in Oakland a little more real. We showed her around our haunts in Oakland (Piedmont, Rockridge, Temescal) and took her to the Old Oakland Farmers Market. It appeared the Bay Area was doing its “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco” thing. We experienced gale force winds on Kite Hill, which had the best views of the San Francisco I’ve ever seen. We also experienced the chilly bay area weather in Half Moon bay where we went to the tide pools of Moss beach and saw a herd of seals.

This being the Bay Area, we made sure Pauline had some good eating, the best of which was B. Star, the sister restaurant to Burma Superstar. Located in the Inner Richmond, a few blocks away from the aptly, named Burma Superstar, B. Star is the hip younger sister to the high achieving Burma Superstar. I feel like the theme of the inner Richmond is waiting. We drove around forever trying to find a parking spot and finally ended up in a pay lot. The wait for Burma Superstar was an hour and a half so we hightailed it to B Star where the wait was 15 minutes.

B Star is a delightful surprise. Because they are connected to Burma Superstar, there is a core of authenticity to their fusion dishes. One true delight is the six dollar cocktails which were expertly made. This was reflective of an affordable menu where the appetizers were in the $4-6 range and no entrée was over $20. For the appetizers, the edamame crostini, kabocha croquettes and the platha (a naan-like bread) with curry dipping sauce were all solid. But really, I went wild for the deep fried lotus chips which were the Gold Mean of fried food. Savory, salty, crispy and hot.

For entrees, West Coast Rebecca chose the pork sliders, which were a fun and interesting take on the beloved char siu bao, June got the comfort foody salmon curry pot pie (which makes me overcome my prejudices to green curry), J got the refreshing wild rice salad with salmon, Pauline had the seafood stew special, and I had the lamb curry. I forget what muffin had because it was a ton of food. The lamb curry was particularly special because it was the most Burmese of all the dishes. Rather than being bathes in a yogurt sauce or coconut milk, the curry had a meaty-stewlike sauce. All of the dishes were solid, including the Szechuan salt and pepper fries.

This was one of the meals we left holding our bellies wishing we had room for dessert.

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