Perfect afternoon

Last Sunday, West Coast Rebecca came up with an absolutely perfect idea for her birthday festivities – an afternoon on Lake Chabot in a patio boat. A patio boat is a nice flat bottomed boat with a motor. It’s kind of like a yacht without a belowdecks area.

Sunday rolled around and the weather was perfect. And by perfect I mean that both Rebecca who gets cold easily, and I who gets hot easily, were completely comfortable. We had the “big” part of lunch at a picnic table and them took goodies onto the boat. It was a restful and fun afternoon of cracking each other up and looking for abandoned babies in the reeds. (Ok you had to be there)

Given that Bellisma works in the food industry, the food was excellent. Bellisima and Rebecca brought a panzanella salad, a couple of pasta salads from Whole Foods, a crazyily refreshing tuna tartare in cucumber cups and the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. The cake itself was as light as an angel food cake but as moist as something that came out of a box.Upon biting one, I exclaimed to Bellisima, “An Asian person made this!” That was because the frosting was a light chocolate mousse that just kissed your tongue with flavor. As it turned out, the Asian pastry chef of the wine bar where Bellisima worked did make the cupcakes. A friend of Rebecca brought this incredible Chamorro (the indigenous people of Guam) dip of sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

Our contributions consisted of:

A pico di gallo salsa that I made

A Green salsa that J made

Chicken sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches from Bakesale Betty

Ginger cookies and pecan sandies from Bakesale Betty

And lemon drops (the drink)

I remember from our DC days that Rebecca like lemon drops and an ice cold lemon drop is perfect for a sunny day. I made a lemon concentrate of equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup which I froze and also brought an ice-cold bottle of vodka. For drinks I simply mixed the lemon concentrate with equal parts vodka. J had a brilliant idea to muddle some fresh strawberries into the whole shebang.

Reinforcing my deep, deep love of Bakesale Betty, I asked for some plastic cups with lids and straws from the person and the counter and he cheerfully asked if I was mixing some drink later that afternoon. He gave me a delighted smile when I told him of my lemon drop plan.

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