Existential Crisis

Ok. I’m in an existential crisis. A completely delicious existential crisis. For all of my adult life I’ve been the cook. I cook well and I enjoy cooking. I’m used to being the best cook in the room. Since moving to the Bay Area and having some actual food professionals in my circle of friends, I haven’t cooked much in group settings.

Last night, West Coast Rebecca had us all over to watch the inauguration festivities. It was a blast seeing Michelle Obama droop with each ball she had to attend. We feel ya, Michelle! We were laughing our asses off at the clearly drunk reporters staffing the Creative Coalition Ball and the Youth Ball. We were dumbfounded by the numerous technical glitches MSNBC was experiencing with their late night coverage. It was a complete blast.

The weird thing though was I don’t cook a thing. We brought a cheese plate. Admittedly, it was a cheese plate with cowgirl creamery cheese that included their Mt. Tam, a cantaloupe looking mimolette, and a dry jack as well as a nice stilton. We decorated it with pecans and cherry tomatoes. But a burner or an oven was not required.

The wine was provided by our hosts, WCR and Bellisima. And the actual meal was made by Cheffy, husband to Good Hair Woman. Cheffy is a professional chef and seriously, his food rocks hard with an encore. It isn’t all on Cheffy. Good Hair Woman made half of the dishes. So the good cooking couple came laden with their Le Creusets and groceries and went to town.

The menu included:

Carrot Soup with coriander
A butternut squash, goat cheese and leek tart
10 pounds of delicious braised pork
The stew of beans and carrots that braised the pork
Lemon meringue tartlets

Can I tell you how good all of it was? Especially the goat cheese tart that was everything I wanted in a dish. If eating that well means I’m not the best cook in the room. Bring it on!

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One Response to Existential Crisis

  1. EB says:

    You had me at 10lbs of pork!

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