Screw You Hershey’s, SCREW YOU

Ok, everyone knows I’m a big ol’ lefty here so I don’t have much respect for corporate America. But this just takes the cake.  A big, luscious, dark chocolate cake.  It appears the evil Hershey’s corporation is shutting down the Scharffen Berger factory.  It’s right here.

The article is totally baffling since Scharffen Berger is profitable.  There has got to be better ways to save money than shutting down this plant.  What’s so crazy is that this plant IS Scharffen Berger.  They imported chocolate-making do-hickeys from Italy and Poland and they are a kosher chocolate making facility (they send their milk chocolate to be processed in Pennsylvania).

I am truly devastated.  I love Scharffen Berger.  Not just for their delicious chocolate but also for the hilarious tour guides and the crazy nice people in the store willing to shove chocolate down your throat.  I wanted one to marry my friend and become my friend in law.

I hate you Hershey.

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