Last night J and I had these plans to go grocery shopping for a meal we are putting together on Saturday. Because we needed ingredients that were not carried by Trader Joe’s this meant a trip to the dreaded Safeway. I do wonder whether shopping almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s has been instrumental for keeping me healthy because there is a lot less processed food you have to deal with. Anyway, nutrition aside, we didn’t feel like cooking so we had to find a restaurant near the Broadway Ave. Safeway. The best option was someplace in Rockridge. On the recommendation of our friends June and Muffin, we went to Soi4, the Thai place. All I can say is THANK YOU JUNE AND MUFFIN! We’ve been kind of gun shy about Thai food because we went to a couple of places near where we live and found them lackluster. We’ve been itching to have a nice go-to Thai place with reliable food. Soi4 more than fits that bill, in fact it does a good job of elevating Thai food. The flavors were vibrant. We had the calamari salad to start (spicy!) and for our entrees we had the shrimp with eggplant in a white wine sauce and the catfish and Chinese long beans in a red curry sauce along with sautéed pea sprouts and shitake mushrooms. The dishes we had were a great blend of the basic Southeast Asian combination of salty, sour and sweet with herbal notes from Thai Basil and piquant notes of Szechuan peppercorns. Even the rice is elevated. They offer white, brown and sticky rice. We ordered the brown rice and it was excellent. It wasn’t your ordinary brown rice and had a nice nutty flavor all its own. Even though the restaurant has a hip minimalist décor, the prices are surprisingly reasonable and the portions are healthy. Appetizers are $6-10 while entrees range from $9-15. The service was friendly and personable but we had a weird hiccup of service when we had to remind our server we actually did want to order drinks. Nonetheless, this is a place we will be going back to again and again.

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  1. EB says:

    The way you feel about TJ’s vs. the “dreaded Safeway”? AMEN!!! I avoid it at all costs. It’s an absolute last resort. 1. corner Mexican Market. 2. Corner Thai butcher. 3. TJ’s 4-10. assorted other stores. 11….. dreaded Safeway.

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