B Revisited

You all know we’re eating good in the neighborhood but B continues to blow our socks off. Their food has always been top notch and the service is beyond outstanding (we love you Valerie!).

Please check out their winter menu which is total comfort food. They were able to make dishes like sea bass and veal breast into warm winter meals. We took J’s longtime friend Nilping and her beau to B last night and they couldn’t have been nicer. Zach, the host, knew who we were. We got soup on the house and the food was up to its usual high standards.

Now that we’re in California, we try and get Dungeness crab whenever it’s in season. The much missed Martime East served a great Dungeness crab salad and B now gives us our Dungeness crab fix. Their salad wisely gets out of the way of the crab and lets the sweet flavor shine through. It’s a meaty, packed amount of crab, well seasoned with a radish slaw and citrus juice with a light touch of olive oil.

For entrees, we’ve had their sea bass with greens. I don’t know what they do, but the normally delicate sea bass, is really hearty and comforting. It’s a really full, seasoned flavor and the green accompanying the sea bass, are also filling. But that’s nothing compared to the pork chop. Valerie, our awesome server, recommended the pork chop and it was INSANELY GOOD. Brined and flavorful, it comes with a black cherry demi glace and is served on top of slightly mashed butter beans and radicchio. This dish is beyond good. I normally don’t like beans but the butter beans are mushy without being pasty and have the consistency of lumpy mashed potatoes (a good thing). The radicchio is tossed in vinaigrette so the acidity cuts through the richness of the pork and the butter beans.

Yes, this is a place, where we can impress the out of towners. Partially because the food rocks so hard but also because the staff LOVE us and we LOVE them. Can we coin the term co-dependent dining?

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