That Old Cast Iron

A cast iron skillet has really transformed my cooking.  Today was definitely a cast iron day. I used it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The great thing is about cast iron is as long as you keep it oiled and soap away from your cast iron, it’s practically indestructible.  The great thing about the old cast iron is that it goes from stovetop to oven like a costly Le Creuset.  That makes braising totally easy and keeping things warm, a cinch.

So my cast iron day started with almond meal pancakes.  Just substitute almond flour for regular flour and get a pancake that’s nuttier and more flavorful.  Once they were done I just stuck the cast iron in a 300 degree oven.  Lunch was a tomato and onion omelette.  Make sure it wasn’t runny in the middle, just stuck the cast iron in low oven to finish cooking it off.  Finally for diner, I made turkey cutlets braised in a tomato sauce.  After salting and peppering the cutlets, I pan fried them for two minutes on either side.  Once seared, I added a bit of EVOO and fried some onions and mushrooms.  I deglazed with some chicken stock and added a cup of crushed tomatoes.  I placed the the cutlets on top of the sauce and let them simmer for ten minutes until they were cooked through.

Yes, the old cast iron is an invaluable tool in the kitchen.  Keep it seasoned and it’s nonstick without the teflon.  The only downside is they weigh a ton.  I keep the cast iron permanently on the stove because pulling it out of the cupboard is a pain in the butt.  Otherwise, they are great.

By the way, turkey cutlets are a great pork chop replacement.

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