Mmm...fresh and tasty

Mmm...fresh and tasty

So today we had a massive amount of inspiration and made a meal composed entirely of local ingredients from local producers. Well as far as we know because ACME breads probably doesn’t get locally grown wheat. Is there even such thing as locally grown wheat? I know this is the Bay area but really. Locally grown wheat? Nevertheless, the bread was made locally. So yesterday, I roasted some beets. Taking the advice of the Bar Bamino chef, I roasted them in a tightly covered roasting pan with an inch of water. That made a huge difference as the beet skins just peel right off without any struggle. This morning we went to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and bought some sorrel. Sorrel is wonderfully lemon flavored green that we were excited to use. This time we decided to make an approximation of Bar Bambino’s pea puree with ricotta, sorrel and young garlic. A GREAT find. You know the great thing about buying local? Being face to face with the people who make your food. The great thing abut buying local in California is having vendors understand that as a same-sex couple you may be married under the state of California but not married under the eyes of the federal government.

So here’s the menu with the ingredients and sources:

Sorrel and young garlic puree on whole wheat boule toasts

  • sorrel and garlic from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market
  • Toast from Acme Bread company
  • Olive oil from Ferry Plaza Farmer’s market
  • Ricotta from Cowgirl Creamery

Beet, Walnut and Walnut-Crusted Cheese

  • Beets from our CSA box (Farm Fresh to You)
  • Salad Greens from Happy Girl Farms
  • Walnuts from the Berkeley Farmers Market
  • Olive oil and vinegar from Bear’s Paw
  • Trader Joe’s goat cheese (but the label said it was from Sonoma!)

With the roasting and peeling of the beets done, the meal was a snap to assemble. It was made even easier when I pre-made the goat cheese. Basically slice a log of goat cheese into 1 inch disks, roll in egg white and them roll in finely chopped nuts. Put in the freezer for at least 10 minutes and then pan fry for about three minutes on each side so that the goat cheese warms through and gets soft.

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  1. Scott says:

    Mmm, local. I need to try beets this summer. I used to love them as a kid, to the point of now hating them. Jason doesn’t like them, but I think if they are roasted, he would give them a try.

  2. VinoSubito says:

    I remembered an article on local wheat a while back, and googled….

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