The Challenge – Halfway Through

So I decided to start the challenge on a Monday instead of Sunday because B was having a $20 family style dinner night with lamb, roasted fennel, sautéed carrots and mashed potatoes and dessert (cheese plate for me!). The breakfasts and lunches have been easy to not spend money. Leftover ricotta-sorrel spread with toast along with yogurt and berries is awesome for breakfast. Brown rice and chili are easy lunches. I’m a creature of habit so eating leftovers is a snap.

Sadly, I fell off the wagon Tuesday due to extenuating circumstances. I had a meeting with the staff of an organization I am on the board of and we had to go and pick up some friends from the airport. That meant we had to find something to eat in the two hours between the meeting and the plane touching down.

So Monday we had a Thai inspired meal with ground chicken over lettuce and tom kha ga soup. Wednesday we had salmon, asparagus, and quinoa. Tonight will be turkey burger night with beet and goat cheese salad because we have roasted beets.

I will have to say the Thai meal was a snap. I didn’t even use a Tom Kha Ga mix. I simply sautéed some onions and carrots, added large slices of ginger, a stalk of lemon grass and some shitake mushrooms. Then I added a mixture of half chicken broth and half coconut milk, seasons with nuoc mam and lime juice and garnished with cilantro and green onions. Pretty damn simple. The larb is a bit more complicated because it requires more chopping and breaking up the ground chicken is a pain in the ass. But really, just sauté in some canola oil a finely chopped onion and ginger (I also add finely chopped lemongrass I have on hand in the freezer), add the ground chicken, then added finely chopped bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. I then add a couple tablespoons of nuoc man and oyster sauce. You will spend more time that you ever thought possible trying to break up the ground chicken into ground beef sized chunks. It will not be fun. But the end result is awesome. This makes an elegant appetizer served in a endive cup.

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