Dear Glee Showrunners

Your show is very appropriately named and I love it almost unabashedly. Even though I was never in showchoir, I am a total showchoir/a capella junkie. You captured showchoir as a competitive sport to a t. The acting and direction seems spot on. One major quibble though – why set up a showchoir that is so fricking diverse only to spend a grand total of four minutes on the folks who aren’t white and straight? Seriously, you set up some very interesting characters and I totally believe in your ability to turn them into real characters. So why don’t you give them more than one line each?

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One Response to Dear Glee Showrunners

  1. DancerInDC says:

    I’m guessing (hoping) that in future episodes there will be times where they are specifically spotlighting the other characters, giving them more screentime in general, etc. I thought of the episode as a 40 minute preview.

    I can’t wait. Love it!

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