New Find – Omnivore Books

So during fava bean fest, J and I were following west Coast rebecca to her house and went through Noe Valley (a particularly picturesque and residential part of SF).  Along the way, we saw a sign for Omnivore Books. I had to physically stifle the urge to stop the car and pull over.  A bookstore for cookbooks!

A few weeks later our friend L came for a visit from DC and as we were planning our day, L said she wanted to go somewhere to find an obscure cookbook.  That was enough reason to head into SF and find Omnivore Books.  And what a find it was!  There were all manner of food books, new and used.  There were cookbooks, memoirs, cheese guides, and guides to butchering.  The only thing you won’t find – Food Network books (except for Barefoot Contessa).

I’m glad this place is in SF because I would be there all the time.  The owner is crazy nice and really helpful.   She took us around and talked to us about the history of the space – it was a former butcher shop (complete with huge scale).

On top of that, this place is what I want my kitchen to look like – warm, sunny and filled wiht light.  Check it. That is EXACTLY the color I want our kitchen to be.

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