So Saturday, marked the end of the beginning for our foray into home ownership.  We moved.  It took five hours to move but it was worth it for the first uninterrupted weekend of sleep we’ve gotten in a year.  You see we loved our neighborhood of Old Oakland, all except for the crazy noise where we seemed to live next to all the cars that go boom and the requisite verbal battles that happen in front of the cars that go boom. Now we’ve lived on Capitol Hill near 8th street so we know noisy but this was BAAAAD.

The biggest psychological change for me is living with color.  Having rented all my life and been extremely lazy, I never wanted to paint the walls of my living space. Why bother if I were going to move in a couple of years.  Now that we’re here to stay, we wanted color.  And we got color!  In anticipation of the move we had the house painted and are in the process of putting in a second bathroom which is supposed to be completed tomorrow (God willing).  In keeping with the arts and craft style of the house, we painted our well wainscoted dining room a chocolate brown (weirdly named banana leaf on the sample).  We painted the living room, hall, and front bedroom a terra cotta color called falling leaf, the bathrooms blue, our bedroom a mustard color, and the kitchen a bright lemony yellow.  At the advice of our contractor, we decided to have all the space above our crown molding and all the wood work a nice ivory color.  Once the chaos of moving gets completed the house will look stunning.

One great aspect of the house is the kick ass plate rail at the top of the wainscoting in the dining room.  Right now, it’s home to our orphan framed photos as well has plates we’ve painted at Made By You.  At this point, almost every box is unpacked but the empty boxes are piling up in our dining room. Thank god for the garage where we are storing random crap.

As it’s an old house, it’s a work in progress.  We’re waiting until we get our fat tax check to do more but here’s what’s on the list:

Buying a dining table (I see farmhouse style with reclaimed wood)

Buying a sectional sofa (oh the ability to seat 9 people at once)

Installing recessed lighting

Redoing the kitchen

And of course there’s the garden.  Here’s my list of plants to put in:

Hydrangea bush

Rosemary (a must for California)




California Poppies


Calla lilies


Any suggestions on what to plant?

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3 Responses to Moved!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations on your move!! Now, you know, we want pictures…

  2. DancerInDC says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see more pictures of your new digs. Here are a few suggestions I have on what to plant:

    Azaleas – Scott’s not as fond of these as I am, but you can’t deny that they are hardy and easy to care of (i.e. you don’t have to do a thing).

    Hostas – Truly nothing is as glorious and simple for shady areas. They come in all different shades of green, some with white, some with yellow. Each shoots up some lovely flowers in mid-summer, and these things practically propagate themselves.

    Clematis – If you have an area suited to a climbing vine, this is an easy climber to plant. You can get a lot of different colors.

    Morning Glory – This is just an annual, but it’s very, very easy to grow from seed. Just put a bunch down and let them go – they’ll climb and take care of themselves. If you prefer blooms at dusk, though – choose Moonflower.

  3. Excellent i will see you there!

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