Christmas Dinner

So this year, things are REALLY changed up. Normally, I got to my parents for Thanksgiving (usually our big family holiday) and spend Christmas with J’s family. Because J and I had Thanksgiving with our friends, J will be flying to his parents solo and I will be spending Christmas with my family. But the twist is, for the first time in my life, my family will be spending Christmas with me. My parents and my sister along with her boyfriend will be flying up to the Bay Area for Christmas and we will be having Christmas eve dinner at Chez Bayareafoodblog. Woo to the hoo! This means I will be getting hardcore on the food. My family is pretty discerning. Here’s the menu:

Blini with gravlax and creme fraiche

Main Course
Frisee salad with walnuts and gorgonzola
Sauteed green beans
Mashed cauliflower with crispy shallots
Roast potatoes
Turkey roulade with a fig and sausage stuffing

Apple crostada
Chocolate pots de creme

The caluiflower mashed is done and in the freezer.  The piecrust is done.  The gravlax is curing as we speak and the butterflied turkey breasts have been ordered.  Whew!

This weekend I will make the blini and freeze (I know this is somewhat heretical but it works).  Buy the rest of the ingredients and make the apple crostadas.  Monday I will make the stuffing.  Tuesday, I will get the turkey.  Wednesday I will do the pots de creme and blanch the green beans.  So Thursday, I need to assemble and cook the turkey, compose the salad, sautee the green beans and roast the potatoes.  Definitely doable.

P.S.  – For those of you in the Bay area, I highly recommend the NewTown Pippin apples. They are the best apples i have ever tasted – aromatic, sweet and tart at the same time.  They are perfect baking apples, perfect except for the fact you want to eat them raw.

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