Montclair Farmers Market

Since adopting Kaya the wonder dog, we’ve had to change up our schedule to accommodate husky club.  Husky club is a group of Siberian Husky and other types of sled dog owners going to Point Isabel park, the largest off-leash dog park in the country.  It has stunning views of the city of San Francisco and Marin County and is a very nice walk for the dog.  The downside is that it meets on Saturdays at 9:30 am.  That means if we are feeling unambitious, we will miss the Berkeley and the SF Farmer’s markets.

This has made us do some research on Sunday markets and it’s turned up a real gem – Montclair.  Nestled in the hills of Oakland, Montclair is the East Bay’s Capitol Hill’s Eighth Street – full of wealthy folks and cute shops.  The Farmer’s market is relatively small – one block.  But the neighborhood businesses recognize what a draw the Farmer’s market is and are open at 10:00 am on a Sunday.  That means we get to shop for our fruits and veggies and get a little retail therapy on top of it.  Montclair retail includes a kitchenware shop, an A.G. Ferrari Italian specialty food store, a cheese shop, and various used bookstores and knick knack places.

Convenience –3.5

It’s fairly convenient drive if you know where to go – much like Rock Creek Parkway is.  As a master of Rock Creek, I’d like to think of it as DC’s “screw you” to the tourists but that’s another story.  Anyway, it’s right off of Highway 13 and a ten minute drive to our house.  The plus side (and why I am giving this half a point more than Grand Lake) is the nice free parking structure.

Vibe – 3

I think the Capitol Hill comparison really holds true for the vibe.  It’s a lot of rich folks who come here.  The vibe is nice because its small and the vendors are friendly.  It is really nice to get some groceries and then go to a store and pick up a birthday present.

Produce – 3.5

There isn’t the kind of variety and sheer numbers of vendors you would find at Grand Lake of Ferry Plaza but it has the old standbys.

Prepared Foods – n/a

Ok. Being diabetic, I can’t really eat a lot of prepared foods at Farmer’s market, so I can really judge.  I’m taking this category off the ratings system.

Flowers –2

This is where Montcalir falls down on the job. There’s one flower vendor and its just a booth of a florist with a storefront on the same street.

Total: 12 out of 20

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