Aunt Mary’s Restauranta Review

This a lament as much as it is a review.  Our dear beloved Aunt Mary’s couldn’t find enough of a dinner crowd so they are breakfast and lunch only.  Aunt’ Mary’s was our go-to dinner place because they are cheap and yummy.  While we never took advantage of their no-corkage policy, it was nice to know there was a place we could take a nice bottle of wine to.

Aunt Mary’s is a family-run restaurant in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood.  Temescal is becoming another food destination with Bakesale Betty anchoring and Dona Tomas and Burma Superstore part of the neighborhood revival.  We love the folks who run Aunt Mary’s.   The owner is from Texas and his wife is from Vietnam and our hypothetical mixed race daughter has her mother’s looks and her father’s height.  On top of that is Starla, the server/manager who hails from the part of Texas bordering Louisiana.  She’s brash, funny, and friendly and takes care of you.

Sadly, folks in that part of Temescal don’t seem to want dinner because Aunt Mary’s has shut down their dinner operations.  Luckily, they do gangbuster business for brunch so they will remain open.  While I’m happy to have Aunt’ Mary’s food at any time, with no dish over $20, they were a great weeknight dinner option.  Nevertheless their blend of Texas, Louisana and California cuisine is smart and tasty.  Among the standout dishes include their huevos benedictos – poached eggs on masa chevre cakes with mole negro, their chicken fried steak with beer gravy, and their salads, both the house with a rice wine vinegar dressing and the brutus – a southern Caesar salad with fried oysters.

Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood is being written up as a new food mecca.  It would be a shame if this happy addition to the neighborhood gets lost in the shuffle.

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