Temescal Farmers Market

When we first went to the Temescal Farmer’s Market in the dead of winter 2008, I thought it was kind of sparse.  But now that we live within a 15 minute walk, this is one of our favorites.   This is a real neighborhood farmer’s market.  Like Old Oakland, it attracts a neighborhood crowd.  You see kids playing in the green space, families gathered around the street performers and there’s even a doggie day care to leave your dog while you are shopping.

Convenience –3

I’d give a a 4 for convenience for anyone who lives in the North Oakland area but this isn’t close to the BART station and the buses run infrequently on Sundays.  On top of that, parking is semi-competitive.  On the plus side, there is a free parking lot attached to it.

Vibe – 4.5

Everyone – vendors, shoppers, singers is crazy nice.  It’s a great neighborhood feel to it and you see families all over the place.  I really love seeing kids playing in the the green space and the doggie day care for the shoppers. Sadly, Kaya the wonder dog cannot go to the doggie day care because she’s kind of a BEEYOTCH.

Produce – 3.5

Like Montclair, there isn’t the kind of variety and sheer numbers of vendors you would find at Grand Lake of Ferry Plaza but it has the old standbys.  One nice thing is that there is a vendor who sells seedlings.  Nice for me since I have a garden to fill out.

Flowers –3

There aren’t any separate flower vendors but several of the produce vendors have flowers as well.

Total: 14 out of 20

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