Inspiration from Scotte – Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

I’ve been itching to make the Barefoot Contessa chicken with forty cloves of garlic ever since I saw Scotte’s post on his version.  Here are some observations/variations I had on the recipe.

  • I agree with Scott that using pre-peeled garlic will preserve your sanity.
  • I too didn’t have cognac and I went all trashy and pour in a glug of bourbon
  • I also wanted a higher note and added a squirt of lemon juice (free from my tree!)
  • And I took Scott’s advice and added a few springs of thyme from the garden as well
  • To make a stab at having the dish be lowfat, I cut back on the butter to sear the chicken and use chicken breasts.  The flavor was just as rich.
  • My sauce didn’t turn opaque like Scott’s so I added a tablespoon of lowfat sour cream.
  • Finally, I serve it with mashed cauliflower making it a perfect meal for a cold night.

Gardening alert!  I’ve taken advantage of the Bay Area’s year round growing season to plant cold weather veggies.  I’ve got arugula sprouting in the front yard and sugar snap peas against the fence.  Pictures to come!   I am also sprouting Indian Summers, Foxglove and Echinacea for my cutting garden.  I’ve already harvest my first nasturtium flowers which tasted mighty fine in a salad.

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