Dinner party in a hurry

Last night Muffin and June came over to watch figure skating they missed because they didn’t want to stay up until god knows how late to see all the short programs.   Because I am also committed to training for a 10 mile race, I had to work out last night as well.  This left about 45 minutes to set the table and cook dinner.   I had a bit of a head start because I had chicken breasts marinating in harissa, lemon juice, and olive oil.  I also asked J to take some blini out of the freezer.  And J was a rockstar and actually cleaned.

J and I got home at 6:20 pm and things got started.

6:20 pm  Preheat oven to 425 degrees
6:25 pm  Chop onions, zuchinni, red and yellow bell peppers.   Toss with salt, pepper, white wine and olive oil.
6:40 pm  Prepare crudite platter.  Dump hummus in a bowl an sprinkle with harissa and EVOO. Add baby carrots, sugar snap peas, and cherry tomatoes.   Put zuchinni in the oven.
6:45 pm  Pound out chicken until flat.
6:50 pm  Grill chicken on grill pan.  In between chicken grilling,  set table.
7:00 pm Put blini on baking sheet and top with goat cheese.  Low oven temp to 350.
7:10 pm  Take blini out of the oven and top with smoked salmon.
7:15 pm  June and Muffin arrive.  Greet them like a domestic goddess.

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