I’m a Bay Area insider!

Yesterday, J and I went to our first underground restaurant.  Our friends Belissima  and Cheffie decided to stretch themselves and do an underground dinner to make exactly what they wanted.  Per their interests, it was an Italian themed meal.  And because it was an underground restaurant, it was in a warehouse space that doubled as a group house in SoMa.

The theme of the wine was lambrusco and we started with a white lambrusco paired with parmigiano, mortadella, strawberries and grapes.  Our first course was tortellini stuffed with proscuitto in a broth flavored with parmigiano rind.  What I loved about the dish was it’s clarity.  It gave me a similar feeling as a good pho.  Filling but light at the same time.  The clarity of the broth made me more alert.    This was paired with another lambrusco but this time a red one.  This one had a very perfumy note that was a  bit overpowering.

But them came the main course – braised pork cheeks with sauteed chard and polenta.  And the lambrusco that came with it was perfect.  Both called out for each other and I kept on alternating bites of pork cheeks and swigs of lambrusco.  I love the pork so much I happily offered to eat everyone’s around me if they didn’t like it.  Someone sitting next to me who was just ending her time as a vegetarian promptly plopped one of the cheeks on my plate.  It was awesome.

Finally, we end with a traditional fruity lambrusco and a dessert of strawberry and rhubarb sorbet and a rosemary shortbread cookie.  Spectacular!  Along with the exceptional food, the great thing about the night was getting to hear all about the wines and the food and really being walked through the menu.  I was great asking questions and learning about how the pork cheek got so tender and how the lambrusco was made.   I am making plans to get them to do another underground dinner because that was an experience.

We're so underground!

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  1. dancerindc says:

    That sounds amazing!

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