Gettin’ the Mojo Back – I get a press invite!

So where will I be next Thursday at 6:00 pm?  Up close and personal with Tyler Florence.  Yes, the least annoying Food Network “personality.”  I’ve like Tyler Florence ever since his days at How to Boil Water where he taught a newbie how to cook.  He really won my culinary heart with the first edition of Tyler’s Ultimate where he would travel the world to look at different versions of a dish and do a mash-up of them.  The best was the colcannon episode.   I’m sad that the new version just has him cooking but he still cooks interesting dishes that I learn a new technique.  So woo hoo I get to meet Tyler Florence.

How did this happen?  I get an email from this person who reads the blog who honors me with some very nice words about some posts and then they invite me to go to a culinary event with Tyler Florence at the Pleasanton, Macy’s.  On top of that, I get a VIP press pass!  Did you not notice I barely copy-edit this blog?  Thanks for the honor!

So if you are free and live near Plesanton, come by and see me!  Oh and Tyler Florence too.

Here’s the deets:

Food Network superstar chef Tyler Florence will entertain attendees with demonstrations of his favorite recipes from his latest cookbooks Stirring the Pot and Dinner at My Place. Following his cooking lesson, Tyler will be available to meet & greet with customers and to sign copies of his cookbooks, available the day of the event

Macy’s Stoneridge Mall, Men’s Store
Home Department, 3rd Floor

Thursday, June 17, 6pm

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3 Responses to Gettin’ the Mojo Back – I get a press invite!

  1. Genna Harris says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Pax says:

    Can’t wait to here about it! Congrats….

  3. How did it go? Did you get a chance to check out his new restaurant? here is my review:

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