Commonwealth Cafe and Pub

In the spirit of the World Cup, I wanted to give a holler to Commonwealth Pub. In our continuing adventures as regulars, we became regulars of Commonwealth pub within a week of its opening?  Why?  because we knew the owners who were a server and a chef at our fave B.   When we learned that they were opening a restaurant we were waiting on pins and needles to see it open.

The “concept” of the place is to be a Scottish style pub.  Ross, one of the owners, is Scottish.  REALLY Scottish.  As a someone who comes from a country that isn’t the United States, Ross is crazy about football (“soccer”) and Commonwealth is styling itself as a hub of World Cup activity.   We caught the tail end of USA and England and were excited to have knowledgeable folks to explain the rules to us.

Apart from the World Cup hubbub, Commonwealth is a really friendly neighborhood joint.  Ok, we knew they were going to be friendly to us, but they treat everyone is a lot of care and everyone who comes in really seems invested in their success.

So how’s the food?  Pretty kickin’.  It’s a small California version of pub grub.  For breakfast there are the best scones you will ever put in your mouth.  Seriously, order them.   They also have things like oatmeal and eggs and sausage for breakfast but all that goes out the window if there’s a warm scone around.  For lunch they have sizable salads and two styles of sandwiches – toasties and sandwich rolls.  Toasties are essentially panini which you can choose with just cheese, cheese; tomato, and onion jam; or ham and gruyere.  All options rock but anything with caramelized onions will get me running.  I love the stuff.  And Commonwealth does sweet/salty SOOO well.  This is really reflected in their sandwich rolls.  Six dollar sandwich in small buns.  Now that we’ve had all of them, I can say my favorites are the pate with onion jam and the egg salad that has mango chutney.  All of the sandwiches come with salad so you can make a meal but for $6, order two.

BTW, J adores their espresso drinks and he has high and very specific standards for coffee.

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