Cafe Biere – The new hangout

In our quest to find new hangouts, we’ve stumbled upon Cafe Biere.  As noted in the name, Cafe Biere is about, beer.  But like our other regular haunts, Cafe Biere is about community.  We always leave it with a smile on our faces.  Our first experience was with a coupon where we got $25 off of a $40 tab.  And let me tell you, spending $40 in Cafe Biere is HARD.  The prices are really reasonable for quality food.  More than that, Cafe Biere was actually happy we were using the coupon.  Sounds like they were pretty damn confident in themselves that we would come back sans coupon.  And they were right.

Let’s talk atmosphere.  It’s a dark, loud, place but the friendliness vibe makes up for that.  There’s this one guy who is either the manager or the owner who makes sure to chat with everyone.  Like Chris O’Meally at Casa Vino, this guy gets to know your beverage tastes (in this case beer) and makes great recommendations.  He’s steered us towards beers that we’ve really loved and I normally hate beer.  Last night he actually gave us a small taste of a lambic/lager mixed he mixed especially for us that I went gaga over.  On top of that, they decided to clear a table in the middle of the room and put out a wide range of bottled beer for people to get a taste of.   In the middle of the room there were tumblers and about 50 bottles of beer for people to pour themselves a taste.  The head guy came to our table and beckoned us to try some of the free beer and told us which one to get. And it was an excellent Japanese one.

The food keeps up with the excellent beer.  Their starters are uniformly great with standouts being the chicken fingers that are lightly breaded, and their fries which come with aioli  and chipotle ketchup.  Whenever you do go to Cafe Biere for food, don’t miss the salads.  They are huge enough for two AND a bargain at $10.  AND they are very tasty.  They have standard salads of roasted beets with goat cheese and spinach with bacon and blue cheese but all are wonderfully executed.   On top of the starters, the sandwiches are hearty and yummy.  The best thing about the sandwiches are the ciabata rolls.  My one complaint with most ciabata is the hard crust but Cafe Bieres bread is crusty and soft at the same time.  It’s a great vehicle for the fillings because the bread absorbs the flavors.

I’m normally hesitant to go to any place centered on beer, but Cafe Biere has totally won me over.

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One Response to Cafe Biere – The new hangout

  1. Karen says:

    2 other suggetions:
    Sally’s After Dark is great. Battledish & Sally’s have teamed up to bring a 5 course dessert & Port/Madeira on Jul. 13. I’m counting down to this one. 🙂

    Vino Locale in Palo Alto. They have a delightful cheese and wine selection combined with local art right in downtown PA.

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