Farmer Market Review- North Oakland

Ok. I should just say that this review is only relevant to those who live within half a mile of me.  That’s because the North Oakland Farmer’s Market is a block away from my house.  It’s a neighborhood gathering for sure and I invariably see at least two of my neighbors there.  Managed by Phat Beets, this farmers market is just getting off the ground so the vendors are few and far between.  But the prices rock and the quality of the produce is excellent.

Convenience –5 (for me) and 2 (for everyone else)

Located on the corner of Market and 57th Street in North Oakland, this farmers market is for the neighbors.  It’s in the parking lot of a health clinic.  Already the neighbors are trickling in but I hope that the trickle will become a steady stream because I love having a farmers market an easy walk to my house.

Vibe – 4 (for me) and 3 (for everyone else)

It’s great getting to know my neighbors.  If you are not me or any of my neighbors, it may not be as fun. BUT there’s always a band playing during shopping hours and most of the vendors are friendly and engaging.  One thing they are trying to start is a produce swap where people can bring their excess produce and take someone else’s excess.

Produce – 3

I won’t kid you.  This is a start up farmers market with four produce vendors, one of which is focused on fruit.  The vegetables are high quality and dirt cheap.  I bought about a pound and a half of Japanese eggplant for $2.  One of the vendors does Asian greens as well.

Prepared Foods – 4

Now I am changing my mind because I do buy prepared foods here.  They are awesome.  There’s an Indian food vendor that sells samosas and pakoras and all manner of Indian food that have been turned into dips.  For example, I got their begain bartha dip and dip version of the spicy eggplant dish.  There’s also a great North African vendor selling all manner of spicy dips and deep fried pita chips.  These pita chips are tossed in lemon rind and herbs and taste divine.  This vendor has some of the best harissa I’ve ever tasted.

Flowers – n/a

Ok. I have a pretty awesome flower garden in my front yard. I don’t buy flowers anymore.

Total: 16 out of 20 (for me)  12 out of 20 (for everyone who lives over ½ a mile away from me)

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