The world’s most racist cake revealed!

For anyone who has a passing knowledge of Sandra Lee – she of the semi homemade fame – you should know one of her most heinous acts of foodery is the kwanzaa cake.   Not only is the cake, ugly and completely processed but it’s kind of racist as well.

Thanks to Eater for alerting the world to the recipe creator’s guilt ridden post on huffingtonpost.   All I can say is HAH!

Also, we’re throwing a New Year’s day open house and this is the menu:

Tofu “meatballs” will satay dipping sauce
Curried egg salad tartines
cheese plate
shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce and wasabi mayonnaise as dipping sauces.
vanilla shortbread cookie sandwiches (with damson jam) – if you can get your hands on vanilla paste, it’s an affordable and effective alternative to sticking a vanilla bean in something)
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips
homemade marshmallows

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One Response to The world’s most racist cake revealed!

  1. bex says:

    ohhh man, that cake was EPIC Sandra Lee at her finest (worst?). One day John Waters will profile her, or make a movie with her that pays homage to her depravity.

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