Gourmet Airport Eating – Surdyk’s Flights

I’m sitting here at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport finishing my arugula and proscuitto salad and a ham and cheese brioche for breakfast  How is such a feat possible?  Because I’m at Surdyk’s Flight the airport outpost of Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese, a wine and cheese bar/store in Minneapolis.  Every other airport needs to up it’s game because MSP has Surdyk’s and the suplerlative French Meadow and organic cafe/bakery. Great thing about both places is that there’s no mark up for being in the airport.

At Surdyk’s you get sandwiches and pannini, cheese and salumi and salads, oh and things like chicken liver mousse and salad in parchment.  And the most expensive food thing on the menu is a selection of five cheese for $16 but most everything else is around $10-12.  It’s kind of amazing because the quality is superilative.  The prosciutto comes off of the leg and the cheeses come from a big block that isn’t shrink wrapped.  Knowing that about the cheese and salumi, I highly recommend their salumi or cheese plates.  But I can also recommend the salads which are superlative.  Given that the kitchen is in the middle of the space you can see the chefs preparing everything.

The ambiance of Surdyk’s matches the food.  It looks like a great wine and cheese bar but with awesome airport amenities like a plethora of wall outlets for food bloggers like me and tv’s at the banquettes.

So traveler, if you ever have the good fortune to be in the MSP airport, take a seat at

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