Why Our friend Valerie is never wrong – The Girl and the Fig

This past weekend we finally got around to having an outing with our friend Valerie.   We were planning for weeks to go to Muir Woods with a picnic overlooking Muir Beach.  Sadly, the weather did not cooperate and the rain came.  Not a hard rain but certainly enough to make an outing in the woods impossible.

J and I dithered about what to do and Valerie somehow knew we weren’t going to make a decision easily and suggested (directed us) that we go to the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma and eat at the Girl and the Fig.  Boy was Valerie right on.

Valley of the Moon is a nice town in Sonoma County with cute shops, galleries and even a Spanish mission to visit.   The main reason to go is to hit the Girl and the Fig.  This Sonoma institution is about homegrown stuff, particularly figs.  But also they have an extensive home done charcuterie as well.

The restaurant looks like it comes off of a movie set.  It’s a light filled place with warm woods and comfortable seating.  Because we didn’t have a reservation we were “relegated” to sitting on the reception area sofas for brunch.  Boo hoo, we got to eat on comfy sofas.   We started with a cheese platter that featured the a fig cake and some amazing figs poached in port. A great combination with the nuts.  The cheese was a thoughtful variety of Cypress Grove Midnight moon (a great goat cheese for people who don’t like goat cheese), Roquefort, and another cheese I forget.

For our main courses J and Valerie both chose the French toast stuffed with Bellweather Farm fromage blanc.   Those things are ginormous and utterly tasty.  Having had a little bit I loved that they fromage blanc wasn’t sweetened and the huckleberry compote had a hint of meyer lemon.  It was the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  Feeling like I needed my veggies, I ordered the salad of the season that featured shinko pears, jerusalem artichokes, garlic croutons, banyuls & black currant vinaigrette.  Again, a perfect balance of the vinegar with the sweet and the crunchy.  And because I am a sucker for such things, the charcuterie that had the chicken liver mousse.  While it was a substantial portion and I was certainly satisfied, I was surprised that the charcuterie was multiple pieces  of cured meats.  Nevertheless, there certainly wasn’t a dearth of food at our table.

Thanks Valerie for a great day!

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