A Cote – It appears I should listen to many people in my life

We’ve been trying to get some social time with J’s co-worker Meow and her husband Brown.  They finally suggested we all go out to dinner and because they know the food scene better than we, we left it up to them where.

Again, a friend’s suggestion has rocked!  We went to A Cote in the Rockridge district of Oakland.  This is their go-to place and a place where they measure every other place to.  It’s an upscale intimate place.  Unlike the East Coast, you can easily go to it relatively dressed down and not be out of place.  This is really perfect for a romantic dinner with the low-lighting and quirky decor.

The service was great the night we went and Meow and Charlie attested to the fact it’s always that way.  I would almost characterize the food as “filing tapas” because the plates are small but not inordinately so.   However, this is not the place you can order an entree and leave full.  If you are going for a meal you will need to order multiple things.

We started with two cheese from their cheese plate (which I am forgetting) with with Candied Walnuts, Toasted Almonds,  Sliced Apple, Poached Figs and Walnut Levain.  The cheeses were great but the poached figs!  Holy cow the poached figs!  We then had a cavalcade of dishes to share – a salad, the wild boar sausage flatbread, and the spinach and crimini mushroom flatbread.  All were excellent.  The flavors were full and robust and the flatbread really had a great balance of chewy-bready and crispy.

I am totally forgetting what our entrees were (other than my croque monsieur) but I can assure you they were all expertly made.  We ended the evening by splitting the ricotta fritters with Strawberry Sauce, Vanilla Sauce, & Cocoa Fudge Sauce.  They were perfect.  Not greasy AT ALL.  And the sauces were surprisingly light.  Even the chocolate.

We left the meal being immensely satisfied and vowing to go back.  You can order much less than we did and still be satisfied.  The food is top notch and the service is professional and friendly.

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