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Spring on Toast – Fava bean puree

I’m not really a bean person.  In fact, I think most things that have legumes in them probably taste better without them (i.e. chili).  Thanks to West Coast Rebecca, the kryptonite in my legume hate is fava beans.  I love … Continue reading

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Homade shake ‘n bake

Sunday, I bought a pack of 6 chicken drumsticks from Trader Joe’s. At a loss of what do to, I decided to combine an epicurious parmesan dijon recipe with a Nigella buttermilk marinated recipe. And in the end it is … Continue reading

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Biscuits – Apparently I’m good with kids

Last week J’s college friend, her husband and stepdaughter stayed with us for the weekend.  Because they had to get up at half past ass to fly from Seattle of the Bay Area, the adults were in desperate need of … Continue reading

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