900 Grayson – Another awesome breakfast place

J and the in-laws are crazy social people.  They chat people up left and right.  You let them out long enough and they will come home having made a friend.  In this case, their friend making ability yields some fun results – great restaurant recs.

They were having lunch at the Berkeley Bowl “food court” and somehow connected with some dude who works at Pixar.  (PIXAR!)  As with any conversation that happens in the Bay Area, they talked about food and restaurant recommendations.  The one that really stuck was 900 Grayson.

Like Aunt Mary’s and Brown Sugar Kitchen, this is strictly a breakfast/lunch/brunch place.  Like so many brunch restaurants in the Bay Area, this one opens at 8:00 am.  For such a type-A city, Washington, DC is seriously deficient on early morning brunch places.  Anyway, you walk in to this space that is open and airy, elegant and comfortable.  I want to take a paint sample because the walls are this awesome color of buttery yellow.  More like a Eureka lemon compared to my Meyer lemon walls.  If you come at brunch times (past 10:00 am), there will be a wait but the service is uniformly awesome.

As for food, it’s uniformly strong.  Being a brunch place, this is not the land of inventiveness.  The dishes are well prepared and satisfying at the $9-15 price point.  Standout on the menu are: the Demon Lover with some of the best chicken in the Bay Area.  a moist satisfying chicken cutlet on top of a waffle.  And yes the gravy hits the spot.     For the vegetarian and adventurous, the 7th and Grayson is amazing. It’s a spicy tofu scramble that is savory and fresh at the same time.   On the lunch menu hit the chopped salad a HUGE salad with the kitchen sink that somehow avoids tasting like something that came out of the Cheesecake Factory.

The key word here on 900 Grayson is solid.  The food is solid.  The atmosphere is solid and the service is solid.

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