Silver Fork Restaurant

We didn’t just cook in Colorado. Here’s what J wrote the amazing Silver Fork restaurant in South Fork, CO.  If you ever in that part of Colorado, we both recommend the Silver Fork.  It truly lives up to its tagline of being Colorado comfort food.


This morning I woke up thinking about Silver Fork’s blueberry ginger cobbler in puff pastry. The balance between the familiar and the unexpected, the comforting and the intriguing, the grand and the simple in the ramekin before me last night was reflective of the meal my family had been enjoying up to the dessert’s arrival.

We started with the Indian Fry Bread, two puffy discs of fried, nutty goodness.  Considerably better than fry bread I have had before.  Venison Osso Buco was dense, hearty, with a balance of meat, herbs, tomato, and wine. It was served over fettuccini. Trout in a mint and citrus sauce was perfectly cooked.  We are a trout family when traveling in Colorado and this was best in class.  Pilaf was spot on, nutty, and tasty.

Two of the dishes that won the most raves at the table were the stroganoff and the turkey roulade.  The stroganoff had perhaps the most delicious saucing I’ve had in recent memory.  Beautiful and rich with an earthy sweetness from carmelized onions and mushrooms, and what seemed like beef broth, and sour cream.  I think there may have been a touch of red wine as well.  At first taste, it was hard for me to continue the robust conversation at the table.  It was that good. My mother described it as having the complexity of dark chocolate or wine.  A layered treasure hunt with each bite.  Everyone at the table was sneaking spoonfuls. The other standout dish was a turkey roulade. Beautifully presented, stuffed with Boursin and green chili and herbs and drizzled with ancho chili sauce that was incredible, this is a memorable dish.

Wait staff was wonderful.  Our server, B. knew about the food, paced the meal well, and kept us in the know as needed (Osso Buco takes a bit longer, the cheese is from a local dairy, etc.).  They were kind enough to send us a tasting of the goat cheese as requested since we love to learn about local dairies and cheesemakers.

All in all, a wonderful experience at a new spot that we hope establishes a real foothold.  My folks visit the area often and appreciate the “Colorado Comfort Food” approach Silver Fork takes.

Update:  Today we went for lunch and, as expected, Silver Fork did not disappoint.  The standout was a smoked turkey and provolone panini with cranberry chipotle chutney on sourdough.  If it’s lunchtime, I hope your lunch is at least half this good.  This is a perfect flavor combination. The smokiness of the turkey meets the same in the chipotle, the cranberry pairs with the provolone, and everything is piled onto some thick slices of sourdough.  This sandwich was as good as any I’ve had.  Warm, pressed, luscious, cozy.  Everyone at the table had a bite and all agreed.  We celebrated the sandwich with a Mexican chocolate mousse.  Thicker than some mousses and studded with cinnamon, it was rich and dark; a true treat.


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