Thanksgiving Chronicles III – Timing

So Thanksgiving with the family went swimmingly.  This is the post where I have to admit I am wrong because my aunt decided to save herself some time and buy a pre-cooked turkey from Whole Foods.  I was all judgey about it but guess what?  It turned out wonderfully.  It was totally semi-ho but we did make a herb-lemon rub for it as it reheated.  Everyone remarked how amazingly easy this Thanksgiving went in terms of the cooking.

What I came to Thanksgiving with: fig and sausage stuffing, cauliflower puree, chocolate ganache tart, apple upside down cake, ginger cake with caramel sauce, chopped sage, rosemary and thyme from my garden.

7:45 am  arrive at the 10K with the family

9:30 am  finish the 10K

11:30 am  arrive at Aunt’s house and eat lunch

12:30 pm  make a herb-orange rub for the turkey.  Mix with metled butter and rub on turkey.  Toss the asparagus in olive oil and salt and pepper and put in roasting pan.

1:00 pm  get cousins to grate cheese and peel and slice potatoes.  Chop garlic and mix with herbs.  Assemble gratins.

1:30 pm   bake gratins for 45 minutes covered and another 45 minutes uncovered.

3:00 pm  put in turkey.   Assemble salad (everything except the dressing).

5:00 pm take turkey out of the oven and roasting pan.  Cover with foil.  Add drippings to pre-made gravy (that I still made from scratch).  Put gratin and stuffing in oven to heat.  Heat puree on the stovetop.  Warm caramel sauce in double boiler.  Roast asparagus.

5:30 pm slice turkey and put on platter.  Pour a little turkey stock on top and cover with foil.  Keep warm in oven at 300 degrees.  Put asparagus, gratins, stuffing, and puree on table.  Toss salad and put on table.

6:00 pm place turkey on table and call everyone to dinner.

6:15 pm  decide to hold off giving thanks until dessert.

7:15 pm  give thanks and then eat dessert.

10:00 pm karaoke with the siblings and cousins.

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One Response to Thanksgiving Chronicles III – Timing

  1. Jeff says:

    I always seem to gain weight at this time every year and I always have the same New Years resolution to lose all the weight I gained. Hmmm … ya think being surrounded by all this yummy food has anything to do with it?

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