Project Farmer’s Market Week 1

Ok so you remember the haul from this week?  So how did we do?  Pretty well.  Used almost everything and as a big plus, saved some moolah cooking at home.

The Haul
Red bell peppers, walla walla sweet onion, cherry tomatoes (sungolds and darker ones I don’t know the name of), a baguette, loose carrots, doughnut peaches, green onions, chives, red onions, salad greens, blackberries

Beef and chicken fajitas – grilled red bell peppers, walla walla onions, green onions

Tomato and zuchinni salad – tomatoes, green onions, zuchinni

shrimp and pepper stir fry – red peppers

Carrot-nut pate – carrots, green onions
Pickled red onions for tartines – red onions, baguette
Deviled eggs – chives

Homemade chicken fingers
Cauliflower leek puree (made a week ago and from the freezer)

Went out to Szechuan

Revelation of the week – One thing I’ve been doing more and more of is macerating onions in a vinaigrette for salad dressing.  I love the flavor of onions but I don’t like the acrid acidity.  I realize when I was making the nuoc cham for last week’s napa cabbage slaw, that Vietnamese folks constantly dump some sliced onions in their nuoc cham.  The onion still has the flavor without the acidic bite.  So afterwards, I decided to test it out in other salad dressings and it worked out great.  Inspired by that success I made David Leibowtiz’s pickled red onions (as those things make a great accompaniment for charcuterie).  I just used the peppercorns and the red peppers without the bay leaf. I never have bay leaves on hand.  SO YUMMY and perfect for tartines to balance the richness of pate or proscuitto.

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