Another neighborhood joint – Nick’s

You could not be more Oakland than Nick’s Pizza.  A former pastry chef from the late lamented B (whose Oakland site closed last month), Nick is an Oakland boy through and through.  His parents live a mere blocks away from the restaurant and it’s the great Oakland combo of elevated and unpretentious.  Located on the the Oakland side of Shattuck Avenue, Nick looks like your typical pizza delivery spot.  There are a few tables with with the typical red checkered tablecloths and a counter where you order.  When we went there, we got to say hi to Nick and his fiancee (who also knows a bunch of our friends).  It was great to talk with him and hear how he wants to really build a neighborhood institution.  He tries to have a community meal where he gives away pizza to the neighbors.  How awesome is that?!

For us, the pizza is exceptional.  The crust is the star here.  It is the best of old and new world pizza.  It has the thin crispness of a classic Neapolitan pizza but doesn’t sag in the middle.  Nick tells us that the secret is using a sourdough style crust.  It works beautifully.  We had the classic pepperoni, the crimini mushroom and the heirloom tomato, bacon, and Gorgonzola.  All were amazing but you really can’t go wrong with bacon and gorgonzola.  My only complaint is to have a bit more tomato sauce on the pepperoni.  We also had the roasted summer veggie salad which had zuchinni, corn, cherry tomatoes with salad greens in a cilantro lime vinaigrette.  We loved the the salad, it was lightly dressed and showcased the sweetness of the roasted corn that was roasted on the cob.  For those of you who live in the Berkeley/Oakland they deliver!  HOORAY!

And a round of pre-congrats to Nick and his fiancee who will be married in three weeks.   

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