Project Farmer’s Market – Week 4

This week’s haul:

Tomatoes – beefsteak, early girl, San Marzano
Berries – blackberries, raspeberries
Fancy Croissants – ham and cheese, ham and cheese with mornay sauce, spinach and feta
Red Onion
Peppers – Red Bell, Poblano, jalepeno
Salad Greens
A bouquet of flowers!

Bouquet of flowers went to our friend Susan’s house.  The nectarines, croissants and the berries were for my breakfast this week (berries and yogurt!).  We went out to dinner a bunch this week but I do have a new recipe for you all.

Salad – avocado, tomatoes, salad greens
Homemade sliders with pickled red onions – red onions

Baked tilapia
Southwestern Squash Tian – Simply about 2 pounds slice summer squash of your choice into VERY thin slices.  Toss with chili powder, salt, and olive oil.  Let sit and in the meantime sautee about 2 pounds sliced poblano peppers, deseeded jalapenos and red bell peppers with with one large onion, sliced, until they are all soft.  In a 9×13 baking dish put the pepper mixture at the bottom and top with the squash.  Then top everything with two cups of homemade breadcrumbs (very easy if you have a food processor).  Bake at 375 for an hour.

Gazpacho – tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper

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