Mi Tierra Foods – Get your meat on

It’s been a while since either J or I have stepped into a supermarket or even a Whole Foods.  For staples, we hit the Trader Joe’s.  For produce we go to the farmers market.  For chocolate, we go to the Berkeley Bowl.  As we have been grilling a LOT this summer, we’ve needed to find cheap source of quality meat (specific skirt steak for fajitas).  We tried to hit the stores in Oakland’s Chinatown when had every pig part you could imagine but only one or two cuts of beef.  Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry skirt steak.  That leaves the Berkeley Bowl ($13.99/pound) and Piedmont Grocery ($14.99/pound).  As we now had a ravenous fajita habit, we needed a reliable and cheap supplier.  Enter Mi Tierra Foods on the corner of University and San Pablo in Berkeley.  It’s a decent-sized Mexican market.  The big thing is that they sell cheap organic meat.  Their skirt steak is $8.99/pound and their organic free range chicken breasts are $3.99/pound which is even cheaper than Trader Joe’s.  At those prices it’s well worth it to add to our grocery shopping rotation.

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