So I was minding my own business walking my dog listening to the Splendid Table when Jan and Michael Stern from Road Food come up.  And they are talking about road food in Orange County, CA – where i spent most of my childhood.  And then the FUCKING STEP IN IT and say there’s a dearth of road food in Orange County.  And in the middle of my walk I FUCKING LOSE IT.  I’ve written about how problematic Jan and Michael Stern are but now they are in MY HOMETOWN.  It is ONLY by erasing Orange County rich tapestry of Asian cultures do the Sterns come up with the impression that Orange County has a dearth of Road Food.  These cheap, authentic, informal places fit by the Sterns’ definition of road food (Great regional meals along highways, in small towns and in city neighborhoods.)  Yet somehow Orange County is a road food wasteland.  I say this is their loss but I know that this kind of attention and bring much needed business to these restaurants.  They deserve better and we all deserve better.

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