Thanksgiving tips

Having done Thanksgiving at the house and brought a whole Thanksgiving over to another household, I’ve learned many many things about how to make the day easier.  Here’s what’s been making this Thanksgiving easier.


  1. Making a day-of cooking schedule.  This is especially important because I will be spending the morning running a 10k with the family.  Be realistic about the schedule in terms of when you want people to come versus when you want people to sit down and eat.  I take my turkey out a full hour before serving to rest, carve and then tent.  So if the dinner invite says 6:00 pm, realistic, you’ll be sitting down to eat at 6:30 pm. So take the turkey out at 5:30 pm and use that time to heat up the rest of the dishes in the oven.
  2. Make as much ahead of time as you can.  For this meal I made the cake balls, stuffing and turkey herb rub ahead of time. 
  3. As a corollary to that, if your fridge is stuffed to the gills with turkey day stuff, enlist the fridge of a friend.  Invariably someone will be out of town for Thanksgiving and you can store stuff in their freezer.  That makes things a lot easier to negotiate. 
  4. When coming up with day of plan, make sure to have the kitchen ready for someone else to put together the dish they bring.  At the very least most dishes need to be heated up. 
  5. Set the table the day before. 
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2 Responses to Thanksgiving tips

  1. Definitely think that cooking and setting up as best you can the day before is crucial for any event, not just Thanksgiving. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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