Thanksgiving – The Good, Bad and Ugly

So this Thanksgiving was at once low-key and festive at the same time.  Rather than the big family Thanksgiving with the cousins, aunts and uncles, we had a few friends over.  The family tradition of doing a 5K/10K continued though with the addition of my mother and my uncle walking the 5K.  FAMILY REPRESENT!

The Good

  • The wine – all four bottles of it.  Drank an awesome prosecco with the cheese course and a delightful sweeter sparkling with dessert and three bottles in-between.
  • The turkey!  – I’ve got it DOWN.  It came out perfectly moist and flavorful.  The key was making the butter rub and rubbing down the turkey two days ahead.  
  • The vegetarian stuffing – infuse you vegetable stock with the soaking liquid from soaking dried mushrooms.
  • The GRAVY!  Yay West Coast Rebecca for her mad gravy skillz and YAY marsala wine.  It was the platonic ideal of gravy. 
  • The pumpkin pie from WCR.  She did the impossible – made pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin which didn’t taste like squash. 

The Bad

  • The risotto which kind of got more congealed and overcooked.  However, it made perfect risotto cakes the next day.  

The Ugly

  • The grilled radicchio. That didn’t even make it to the table.  The grilled made the radicchio SOOOO bitter and burnt.  It was inedible. 
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