10th Anniversary Dinner

This past Friday, J and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary.  Yes, 10 years ago we got hitched.  While the REALLY big celebration is our February vacation in Hawaii (don’t worry, we’ll blog about that), we had to mark the actual day.

As fate had it, a restaurant we were itching to try, Miss Ollie’s, was doing dinner service for restaurant week.  We loved chef Sarah Kirnon’s food since her time at Hibiscus.  We were really excited to see her open her own place but unfortunately, it was only open for lunch.  So hooray for restaurant week.  The great thing is that the menu was a prix fixe for $40 with cocktail and wine.  Also, because it’s a restaurant week experiment, there’s only one seating so we could have a leisurely meal.  Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary.

We started with THE BEST cocktail I’ve ever had – Ti drink of rum, ginger syrup and lime juice.  Then we went with the actual menu:

A salad of salted cod, wild parsley, lime juice, oil cured pimento,
roasted garlic, and scotch bonnet pepper. This was just a perfectly balanced salad – salty, zesty, spicy.

Pickliz with plantain cakes.  Recently I’ve become and pickle lover and this was one of the best preparations, I’ve ever had.  It had pickled and shredded carrots and turnips  and another soft pickled onions to eat with the plaintain cakes.

Porc Boucane
Slowcooked “bucccaneer pork shoulder’ with sauce chien.  The pork should was cooked as a roast and sliced with the sauce chien which was a gremolata-like mixture of parsley, lemon zest, garlic, and green onions.  Incredibly tender and savory with a bright flavor of the sauce chien. 

Pigeon pea creole consomme
Puree of giraumon (sweet pumpkin)
All were delicious but the greens were a revelation.  They were gently cooked in coconut milk.  REAL FULL FAT coconut milk is now a staple in my kitchen. 

Kilibibi (sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg popped corn)
Sweet potato cake with caramel sauce
Sweet potato cake was perfect ending.  Sweet and creamy but small enough not to be too much.  The Kilibibi was something they gave to take home after a wonderful meal.

We can’t wait until they have regular dinner hours!

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